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Life is Short...Let Us Deal With The Crap!

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When you hire our professionals to

clean the pet waste in your yard, we'll scoop it, dispose of it, and then leave you a note on the door stating that we've completed the job.


You can also feel confident knowing

that we sterilize all of our equipment,

so you'll always receive a healthy scoop with each visit.

Here at Dog Gone Poop, we give our customers an extremely flexible schedule for your complete satisfaction. Call today to get started.


  • Weekly services

  • Twice a week services

  • Three times a week services

  • One time service

Enjoy a schedule customized to your lifestyle

Schedule service by

calling our courteous staff.


Full doggy poop

removal services

• Dependable

• Reasonable prices

• Quick service

• Hardworking

• Friendly staff

• Guaranteed satisfaction

• Prompt service

• Complete work

Get the best deal on all our waste cleanup services

• Homes

• Parks

• Walking trails

• Commercial lawns

Where ever there's doggy waste, we'll be there